Eliminating the source of danger and setting up collective protection measures is crucial to avoiding work accidents at work or the development of an occupational disease.
- Dany Tremblay, Démex President

The purpose of the General Prevention and Risk Analysis Program at Démex is to eliminate the source of the health, safety, and physical integrity hazards for our workers and the community

The Prevention Program serves as an action plan and the main tool to eliminate or mitigate the dangers that arise when at work. The program therefore proposes concrete ways of achieving this. Démex has created this program to inform its employees about the risks their job entails. The list of risks exists to help identify, eliminate or mitigate them. This informs and guides the workers on what to do and what to wear for protection.

The general prevention program aims to:

  • Delineate the project sites;
  • Report any danger and control access/traffic;
  • Identify and mark all public services;
  • Protect structures, trees and equipment to be preserved;
  • Decontaminate (alumina, aluminum, potlining, carbon, PCBs, etc.);
  • Decommission and dismantle all utilities to avoid hazards, loss, and/or infiltration;
  • Manage water to prevent contamination of the surrounding aquatic environment;
  • Manage dust control measures;
  • Manage noise control measures;
  • Sort, reclaim, recycle, upcycle and dispose of materials in an eco-friendly manner;
  • Clean the entire site at the end of each project.

The Environmental Management Program

The Environmental Management Program has been integrated into the General Prevention and Risk Analysis Program and is designed to:

  • Reduce the environmental impact of all Démex activities, at head office, the recycling centres, and at the construction sites for all our projects;
  • Respect and uphold the commitment and responsibility Démex has to comply with the laws, regulations, and standards in force.

Site remediation, low-impact deconstruction, and LEED projects are among the environmental services Démex provides.


For all our projects we are able to provide on request proof of membership of a prevention mutual and a certificate from the CNESST.