The equipment fleet at Démex comprises over 200 safe, functional, and state-of the-art units.

To better serve its customers, Démex regularly invests in maintaining and updating its equipment fleet. Many contractors agree that our company  is the best equipped, keeping abreast of new equipment designed to meet the needs of various project sites.

Main equipment:

  • Hydraulic hammers;
  • Mechanical concrete crushers;
  • Hydraulic concrete crushers;
  • Hydraulic shears;
  • Demolition grapples;
  • Hydraulic magnets.


Approximately thirty well-maintained, state-of-the-art excavators varying from two to 120 tonnes, with a wide selection of fitting tools ranging from 100 kg to 25 t to accomplish a multitude of tasks.

Additional equipment:

  • Mini loaders;
  • Loaders;
  • Concrete crushers (crawlers);
  • Trucks;
  • Service units;
  • Road tractors;
  • Mobile transitional chamber unit for asbestos abatement;
  • Forklifts;
  • Lifting platforms;
  • Miscellaneous other tools.