Founded in 2006 and at the cutting edge of technology, Centrem has developed and continues to develop its own recovery methods in the interest of accuracy, efficiency and the stated goal of “zero damage” to health, safety and the environment.

Health, Safety & Environment

The purpose of Centrem’s General Prevention and Risk Analysis Program is to eliminate at source hazards to the health, safety and physical integrity of our workers and the public.

Our services

VPC 400 excavator loaded on a rail car

We handle the logistics and required documentation, be it by truck, flatbed trailer, rail,...

Wood chipper being loaded with a grapple equiped excavator and downsized wood pieces expelled onto a pile

Centrem handles your wood shredding, whether for personal use or external disposal, in accordance...

Our achievements

The bulk of our achievements occurs inside the sorting and recovery center, out of sight, with minimal impact on the environment since indoors, which allows to effectively manage dust and noise. Our daily activities consist of sorting and upgrading recovered metals. Transport also plays an important role, not to mention all the logistics. Centrem picks-up purchased and delivers sold ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Our occasional projects consist mainly in the purchase/dismantling of transformers, the dismantling of train wagons, the shearing of metals, some of which are classified as hazardous materials and the grinding of wood. See our projects!


Centrem’s field of expertise meets the growing recovery needs of all economic sectors.