The team at Centrem has the environment and our future at heart
- Claudia Villeneuve

You want to thrive in a growing industrial environment with an experienced team? Centrem is a sorting and recycling facility that has developed its own precise and efficient recovery methods and where the health and safety of its employees and the environment is paramount.

Centrem seeks individuals with a strong sense of initiative and for those looking to improve logistics and boost efficiency of our sorting, recycling and upcycling process for ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal.

Vue d'un employé Centrem souriant devant son camion roll-off pour bennes.

Do you know or want to learn how to recognize the metals delivered to our sorting facility? Do you have a keen sense of organization and want to share your strategies on how to continuously improve productivity?

We are a flat organization which promotes direct and easy contact and exchange. Management encourages and appreciates constructive, creative, and innovative ideas, distinguishing us from our competitors.

Oxy-fuel cutter

Centrem is looking for a resourceful and self-sufficient oxy-fuel cutter, with factory experience and the proven ability to do general welding, cut steel, operate equipment such as a traveling crane, forklift, bob cat and use various hand tools such as a torch or oxycutter; this position is based in Alma.


Heavy Equipment Mechanic

Centrem is looking for a mechanic or a heavy equipment mechanic to perform general maintenance and tuning of various types of heavy vehicles (trucks, valves, loaders, shovels). The candidate must perform checks, repairs, and adjust clutches, manual and automatic transmissions, brakes, fuel and injection systems, diesel engines, electronic circuits, etc. This position is at our recycling centre in Alma.


Plant Supervisor

Centrem is looking for a Plant Supervisor for our ferrous and non-ferrous materials sector whose overall responsibility is to manage all operations within that specific sector and ensure that quality, productivity, and safety standards are met as well as oversee the team development and accountability.



Centrem is looking for a  day laborer to assist with a variety of tasks to handle various types of materials (aluminum, tin copper, zinc, iron, sheet metal, etc.), classify materials by category, drive forklifts to move and store heavy loads, assist with loading and unloading heavy vehicles as needed, clean up the premises to ensure a tidy and safe work environment, perform various manual tasks to assist with department operations. This position is based in Alma.



Centrem is looking for a representative who will report to the President at Centrem. She/he will be responsible for promoting the company’s metal recovery offer. They will maintain the business relationship with existing customers and develop a new network of customers to increase the company’s metal purchase volume. This position is based in Alma and requires business travel to meet with clients.