The drive of Groupe Démex-Centrem is not only reflected by the expertise of our team, but also by the quality of the relationships we maintain with our business partners over time.
- Martin Gagnon, Principal Director Finance and administration Groupe Démex-Centrem

The group's management team brings together over 100 years of varied and complementary experiences in the field of decommissioning, asbestos abatement, stripping, dismantling, deconstruction, demolition, recycling, upgrading of ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as consulting services.

Dany Tremblay, President  Démex

Dany Tremblay, passionate about ingenious, simple and effective solutions, evolved in the field of demolition as a teenager, and naturally found his professional mission. First sharpening his expertise in the residential and commercial fields, he quickly became a key resource in the fields of institutional, infrastructure and industrial deconstruction. A founding member of the company in 1992 and a shareholder in Groupe Démex-Centrem, with more than 25 years of experience, Dany Tremblay has risen through the ranks successively occupying the positions of operator/laborer, foreman, director of operations and finally, president of the demolition division of  Groupe Démex-Centrem, thus combining an in-depth knowledge of the field of demolition and dismantling, at both the technical and operational levels. Throughout the numerous projects, many of them large, he has developed ingenious solutions for the benefit of customers.

Yanick Tremblay, President Centrem

With the company since 1992, Yanick Tremblay has since risen the ranks successively occupying the positions of operator/laborer and foreman at Démex. In 2004 he became a shareholder in Groupe Démex-Centrem and in 2006, when Centrem was created, he became Director of Business Development and later President of the group’s metals recovery division. Yanick Tremblay also has extensive knowledge of the field of deconstruction and decommissioning, both at the technical and operational levels, and is an expert in the field of recycling, metal upgrading and the metals’ market.

Martin Gagnon, Principal Director Finance and administration Groupe Démex-Centrem

With more than 30 years of experience, Martin Gagnon has a strong experience in enterprise development at the level of general management, financial control, operations, integration of information systems, change management, the development of successful teams, business development as well as financing.

Alex Houde, Director Operations Centrem

Holder of a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a member in good standing of the OIQ, Alex Houde has over 26 years of industrial experience, particularly in estimation, project management and organizational management. In addition to planning and managing operations, Alex Houde is also responsible for performance monitoring, quality monitoring and the continuous improvement of the HSE Management System.

Nicolas Guay, Chief Estimator Démex

With 15 years of experience, including 10 at Démex, and a shareholder in Groupe Démex-Centrem, Nicolas Guay acquired skills in all stages of project development and specialized in estimating and project management, focusing on planning analysis and developement of solutions on construction sites. The knowledge he acquired on construction sites led him to manage projects of various sizes and become a seasoned estimator of deconstruction projects.

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