Several excavators crushing concrete directly on a ramp near Angrignon boulevard
Démex has become a leader in its field thanks to the innovative methods it applies in carrying out its mandates!
- Dany Tremblay, President

Founded in 1992, Démex is a Canadian demolition, deconstruction and recycling company that is today a leader in its field.

The leaders of DÉMEX are proud of the reputation the company acquired under the direction of the Tremblay family, demolition contractors for several years. With the vast experience that characterizes them, our specialists work in synergy to carry out each stage of deconstruction projects. For us, being a demolition company is more than bringing buildings down, it’s about building the future and contributing to the success of our customers. As a demolition contractor it is important for us to partner with the ambitions of our customers and to make their success ours too.

The success of DÉMEX in all its achievements, as a demolition company, is tangible proof that there is no situation or mandate that is too complex for this team of deconstruction specialists. DÉMEX has an impressive range of records to its credit. With significant investments in research and development, we are able to meet challenges that others consider impossible to overcome.


Challenge us!

Do you have an idea of what the deconstruction of your building, structure or factory entails? Do you know the laws and standards of various governmental regulatory bodies regarding the environment , hazardous materials, transportation and disposal of various waste, effective methods of deconstruction, the potential value of recoverable metals , the potential value of your used equipment, etc.? Démex does know! Contact us and we will give you the right picture before you start your project.