Purchase, Dismantling, Transport and Recycling of 5 Transformers in Saint-Basile de Portneuf, QC

Executed in Saint-Basile de Portneuf, Quebec, this project relied on Centrem's recognized expertise above all else.

This project relied on Centrem’s expertise as it involved purchasing transformers, decontaminating hazardous materials and selling ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal.


  • Purchase and recovery of 5 transformers
  • PCB decontamination
  • Metal sorting
  • Metal shearing
  • Oxy-cutting
  • Transport
  • Sale of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal
  • Recycling


  • Strict HSE requirements
  • Complex logistics
  • Development of an effective methodology
  • Environmental protection
  • Project within an operating site
  • Management of hazardous materials

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