Asbestos Abatement and Selective Demolition for the Complete Renovation of an Auditorium in Saguenay, QC

This project took place in two phases: asbestos abatement and selective deconstruction. With a tight schedule given at the beginning of the season for the auditorium, the ongoing CEGEP operations, as well as the presence of high-risk asbestos, implementing preventive health and safety measures was paramount, including dust and noise management.


  • Selective deconstruction
  • Asbestos abatement (high risk)
  • Stripping
  • Transport/disposal of hazardous materials


  • Adhering to a tight schedule (in time for the start of the auditorium’s season)
  • Proximity to operational CEGEP during the project
  • Sealing and encapsulation of amosite in the form of “spray flocking”
  • Dust management
  • Noise management
  • Adjoining buildings (CEGEP)

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