The initial definition of a project, whether construction or demolition, determines its viability. Every one of our clients who used our pre-project planning expertise was very successful in their demolition project.
- Dany Tremblay, Démex President

Consulting Services

Démex uses its expertise and long-standing experience as a basis to offer its consulting services. Its services are therefore geared toward engineering consulting firms and owners of industrial sites, infrastructures and buildings that need to be demolished.


The pre-project planning phase is when the benefits of our consulting services take shape. It’s at this point that Démex applies its knowledge and skill to determine which methods to use, their sequence, feasible deadlines, and a realistic budget. The details of a project are therefore well defined before getting started. This approach prevents customers from overestimating a demolition project which could in turn put an end to their development. On the other hand, this same approach helps prevent customers from moving forward with an underestimated project that would eventually result in cost and/or schedule overruns.


With over 25 years of experience with big and small projects, Démex shares its comprehensive knowledge of modern and efficient demolition methods. Centrem contributes its intimate knowledge of the scrap metals market and is therefore familiar with the real value of recovering and selling ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Combining the expertise of these sister companies helps companies conceive projects with realistic timelines and budgets.

We have over 25 years of know-how in providing professional estimates. Developed by our professional estimators comprising demolition-site experts that apply their technical and commercial knowledge to the deconstruction and nuts and bolts of your site.

Démex demolition estimates are based on industry parameters and our own invaluable experience. We view our estimates as “organized works of art” that rely on our constantly updated databases. The details in our databases outline the essence of your site and list our methodological recommendations, equipment selection, execution phases, local costs, as well as the real value of reusable assets and recyclable metals.

Making the difference!