The initial definition of a project, whether construction or demolition, determines its viability. All of our clients who used our pre-project expertise were very successful in the demolition project execution.
- Dany Tremblay, President Démex

Consulting Services

Démex uses its expertise and long-standing experience as a basis to offer its consulting services. Its services are therefore aimed at owners of industrial sites, infrastructures and buildings to be demolished as well as engineering consulting firms.


It is during the pre-project phase that consulting services take on their full meaning. Démex’s know-how is applied to define the methodologies to use, their sequences, achievable deadlines and realistic budgets. The project is therefore well defined beforehand. This approach allows our customers not to overestimate a demolition project which could consequently put an end to their new development. Alternatively, this approach ensures our customers do not go ahead with an underestimated project that would result in budget and/or schedule overruns.


With its more than 25 years of experience with projects of varying sizes, Démex contributes its intimate knowledge of modern and efficient demolition methodologies. Centrem contributes its intimate knowledge of the used metals market and therefore the realistic value of recovering and selling ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The combined expertise of the sister companies makes it possible to define a project with a realistic timetable and budget.

Our professional estimates are the fruit of more than 25 years of know-how. They are developed by our Estimating composed of individuals with demolition site experienceand who knows how to combine technical and commercial knowledge to the deconstructability and the reality of your site.

The Démex demolition estimates are based on industry parametrics as well as those specific to our own long experience. An “organized art” that relies on our constantly updated databases, our estimates reflect the reality of your site and our recommendations related to methodology, equipment selection, execution phases, local costs as well as the realistic value of reusable assets and recyclable metals.

Making the difference!