Groupe Démex-Centrem is specialized in the dismantling of quipment and metal structures for deconstruction, demolition and recycling projects.

Dismantling for deconstruction and demolition

Too big to be evacuated from a building or for transportation, we disassemble and/or cut the equipment into manageable pieces. We plan the cuts to optimize transportation costs. The dismantling of transformers and wagons are two good examples when it comes to optimizing transportation costs.

Dismantling for re-assembly

The dismantling of equipment can also mean its methodical and annotated disassembly in order to reassemble it elsewhere.

A typical example is Démex’s project involving the dismantling pylons in the middle of the St. Lawrence River. The upper part of one pylon was marked, disassembled and then re-assembled in a museum. The lower parts of the pylons were also dismantled to protect the fluvial environment and be recovered for recycling.

For more complex projects such as the dismantling of paper machines, for example, Démex partners with specialized companies. The methodical disassembly and marking of highly technological equipment requires very specific expertise.

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