The stack falling down after weakening its base

Structural Engineering

Any controlled demolition project requires a detailed analysis of current as-built plans. In the absence of such information, the structure must be assessed prior to being demolished.

Understand and manage risks

It is crucial to establish the forces at play to develop a methodology and a controlled demolition sequence. The controlled demolition method must be predictable, safe, technically reliable, and feasible. Employee and community health and safety are paramount.

Mitigating environmental impacts

The methods we use always include environmental risk analysis and, we adopt ways to mitigate environmental impacts as much as possible.

The philosophy at Démex

Démex makes every effort to maximize the use of machinery to:

  • minimize employee safety hazards;
  • increase productivity;
  • optimize costs and schedules.

Examples of controlled demolition

Metal stair case

Entire building

Aerial conveyor

Think before acting