Total Deconstruction of the Saint-Jacques Bridge in Montreal, QC

The deconstruction of the tiered, Saint-Jacques concrete bridge, above the Turcot interchange, was above all a complex project given its location, size, and timeline. A large amount of equipment was required at the same time and operated around the clock, even on weekends, when access to highways 15-S, 15-N, and 720-E and 720-O W were closed. The various challenges therefore included, managing the environmental issues at play, road-user safety, working alongside several other contractors, running the project in parallel with another major project nearby, the extremely tight schedule, and the amount of work involved in effectively deconstructing, effectively the largest overpass in Quebec.


  • Total deconstruction
  • Metal Reclamation/Recycling
  • Waste management
  • Concrete crushing
  • Structural engineering


  • Project magnitude
  • Tall structure
  • Large volume of very hard concrete
  • Providing continued access for maritime traffic
  • Weekend road closures (for road users)
  • Complex logistics
  • Adhering to a very tight schedule
  • Working onsite with other subcontractors
  • Environmental protection
  • Dust management
  • Noise management

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